Terms of purchase


We do not transport or provide other services related to goods that are or in our opinion may be dangerous goods, including but not limited to those specified in the technical instructions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in the regulations on dangerous goods of the Association International Air Transport (IATA), in the International Maritime Code of Dangerous Goods (IMDG), in the regulations of the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) or in any other national or international regulation applicable to transport or any other service related to dangerous goods.


1.1 The shipments transported and handled by us, may be subject to security controls, which may include the use of x-ray equipment, detectors of explosives or other methods of security control; you accept that the contents of your shipment may be opened and examined in transit.

1.2You certify that you have prepared the shipment for your transportation, or for the performance of any other service by us, in secure facilities, by employees of your trust contracted by you; that the shipment has been protected against any type of unauthorized interference during its preparation, storage and transport immediately before we accept the shipment for transport or for the performance of another service by us.

1.3 We do not accept exports or imports of items that contain prohibited items: Batteries, luxury items, electronic items, liquids with more than 100 grams, medicines, animals.

1.4 We may be required to provide or share information, including personal data of your shipments, both with the authorities of the countries of destination and with the authorities of the countries of transit, for reasons of customs control and / or security.



2.1 You assume your responsibility and guarantee compliance with any applicable legislation regarding export controls, including but not limited to regulations and rules that prohibit unauthorized trade in military and strategic goods and services, as well as commercial or financial agreements with Individuals and entities in countries to whose origin and / or destination their shipments may be transported, or regulations and rules that impose conditions under which certain technologies, information or products may be transported to, from or through any country to which their shipment can be taken


2.2You also guarantee that you will not deliver any shipment to us if you or any of the parties involved in it are included in any list of United Nations sanctions programs, or any other national or regional program that complements or implements the detailed ones, as well as any member listed in regulations of autonomous measures.

2.3You agree to identify shipments subject to regulatory controls prior to export, and to provide us with the information and documentation necessary to comply with applicable regulations.

2.4You are responsible at your own cost to determine the necessary export licenses or permit requirements for your shipments, obtaining any necessary license and permit, and ensuring that the recipient is authorized by the laws of the country of origin, destination and any another country that can claim jurisdiction over the goods, unless obtaining the license or licenses necessary to carry out the international transport of goods.


2.5 We do not assume liability to you or to any other person for acts of non-compliance with export control laws, nor for sanctions, restrictive measures or embargoes that may be derived.


You give your consent for us or any governmental authority, including customs, to open and inspect your shipment at any time.


The delivery times indicated in our publications do not include weekend days or holidays or national holidays, nor delays caused by customs, or delays attributable to compliance with mandatory local security requirements, or other events beyond our control . The itinerary and the method chosen to transport your shipment will be exclusively at our discretion.


5.1 You designate us as your representative for the sole purpose of dispatching and passing the Customs Shipping, and you also acknowledge that we are the consignee for the purpose of designating a Customs Agent to carry out the customs clearance and entry. of the Shipment if we outsource this assignment. If any Aut