Envíos de palets

Envíos de palets

National and international service

Our services Domestic, Connect Europe and Connect World allow shipments of your palletized merchandise to any point of the peninsula, islands, Europe and the rest of the continents.

Servicio Doméstico

With daily services throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal, the Balearic Islands, Andorra, Ceuta and Gibraltar, Pall-Ex offers its customers a customized service.

The services include:

  • Premium (24h) and Standard (48h-72h) delivery and collection services guaranteed
  • Miniquarter, quarter, half, light, full and megafull & hellip; pallets, one format for each need
  • Multipalet - competitive service for shipments of 5 or more pallets


Un palet para cada necesidad

Ventajas y factores diferenciales

  • Conexión directa diaria con más de 60 delegaciones
  • Reducción de los tiempos de tránsito
  • Mínima manipulación desde origen a destino
  • Experiencia local integrada en la Red Pall-Ex Internacional



Pallet shipments