Información Importante

EXPORTEX It is not a search engine or comparator. We offer personalized attention.




PERSONAL FACILITIES: Imports and exports of personal belongings outside the European community must be quoted individually by the different Customs customs of the different countries. An email will be sent to requesting a quote. The costs of taxes and customs at destination will not be included.


All merchandise or luggage must be properly protected WITH rigid structures boxes, trunks etc ..) or if necessary bubble paper


The suitcases must be padlocked or strapped with protective film.


Special measures or special shipments. Send us an email to


In case of not being able to contact the recipient by wrong address or not being at home or factory will be left notice to go to pick up the relevant facilities. The resending will be done without cost as soon as possible.


The hiring of industrial vehicles online, must be done 24-48 hours before the day indicated for the transport of your merchandise.