Preguntas frecuentes is NOT a SEARCHER. We are responsible for your shipment from the beginning to the end. We have been specialized for 4 years in providing logistics solutions to exporting and importing companies. We have decided to apply our experience, and take the advantages of large companies to the individual in their shipments of luggage and to the small company through an intuitive ONLINE service






Do we collect or deliver on weekends?


No. For special cases contact us at our contact number or our email.


What if the day of collection or delivery is indicated at the indicated location?


Exportex is not responsible and will deliver or collect the order the next business day in the indicated place.


Is my luggage or merchandise insured?


Yes. Until the next limit of 17 euros per kg sent in the Spanish territory and 10 euros / kg in outside the Spanish territory. Additionally, insurance can be acquired at any risk for the value of the merchandise. The cost is 1% of said insured value.


NOTE: In case of observing slight damage in the packing DO NOT SIGN the delivery note until the check. It is an indispensable condition for the corresponding indemnities.


What are the maximum measures allowed in the luggage?


For a box of 5kg, the length x width x height in cm can not exceed 25,000 cm.


For suitcase or box of 10kg the length x width x height in cm can not exceed 50,000cm.