Transportes de Embarcaciones

Transportes de Embarcaciones


It is always a very specialized and professional work, which requires great experience. Exportex take care of all the paperwork and preparations from the cranes to the logistics and paperwork necessary to comply with the legal requirements.

EXPORTEX prepares the transport of ships by road

The preparation of the boat is very important, before transport we keep everything on deck and order inside. Mattresses, seats and other mobile elements could come off during the trip and we will also protect them from dirt.

It is very important that the weight is properly distributed for later transfer. Most trailers incorporate a series of rollers that will facilitate the loading and subsequent unloading of the boat. We will also consider how to drag the boat, for this we will facilitate the task a winch, and it is essential that you have a brake to avoid unnecessary scares. For securing the boat to the trailer, straps and some tensioners can be used, strategically fastened as anchor points.

Steps to follow when loading the boat in the trailer

- We place all supports correctly, for correct distribution.

- Check that the boat is centered.

- We try to put the most weight on the axles.

- Do not overload the boat, you have to go inside the strictly necessary and well anchored.

- If there is any protruding element, we indicate it with a red flag of 40 x 40 cm, in case it is a red light at night.

Boat insurance does not cover special transports. For this reason it is necessary to hire an exclusive insurance for transportation.

The own insurance of the boat is not necessary but highly recommended since this would cover damage produced in the marina of origin or destination, before and after transport.

The unloading operation of the ship

It is a very delicate operation, so that neither the trailer nor the ship is damaged.

Steps we take to unload the boat to the water:

- Check the degree of inclination of the ramp.

- We removed the safety straps of the trailer.

- Arrange the moorings from the stern to the bow.

- We descend the trailer to the water, reaching a point where the wheels almost touch the water, prevents it from entering the buckets.

All this so that the transport of your boat is the most professional and appropriate to your needs.

Ask us for a quote and we will be happy to assist you.